ADA Compliance Assistance

When we think about creating an online presence, we automatically think with what we would like to see when reading about a business or brand online. And that’s a logical response, yes, but it can hinder us if we don’t also take into account what others would like to see when viewing a business or brand online.

Golden Dental Marketing specializes in making sure that all of the bases are covered in a way that makes a dental practice’s online presence appealing, professional, accessible, transparent, honest, and welcoming for everyone who views it.

Just one example is GDM’s ADA Compliance assistance. In this service, GDM helps practice owners create a website that is accessible for those who may need extra assistance in viewing the website. That means building systems into the back-end of the website that allows prospective patients to navigate the front-end of the site with ease.

Some of the features we add to your website for extra accessibility include:

  • User-controlled text contrast.
  • User-controlled color contrast.
  • Voice reading of the website.
  • User-friendly font size adjustments and page resize options.

The goal in creating an ADA-Compliant website is two-fold:

  • All web users need to be able to access your site. Not only does that open the door to more potential patients, but it is appropriate for a site owned by a dental practice to be ADA-Compliant.
  • You and your team probably go to great lengths to ensure that your practice is accessible for the disabled, eyesight-impaired, hearing-impaired, etc. It’s important to show those values and that commitment to serving all patients on your website too.

Interested in how Golden Dental Marketing can help make your practice’s online presence viewable and approachable by everyone? Sign up for a complimentary consultation call today.