Appointment Requests

Having an appointment request option not only on your practice’s website but also on your practice’s social media profiles and search engine profiles (think Google My Business) is critical. Appointment requests are an excellent tool for creating a point of contact with prospective patients and for increasing new patient sign-ups.

Appointment requests aren’t necessarily a “book an appointment online” feature, as your front desk will want to make personal contact with all new patient sign-ups before they come in, (to ensure prospective patients are a good fit for your practice). However, Golden Dental Marketing’s proprietary appointment request system creates an automated sign-up page where potential patients can request an appointment.

The approach is quite simple, and it’s the simplicity that draws prospects in and gets them interested in an appointment. Potential patients can pick a preferred day, choose a preferred time, but not have it be set in stone. They can leave their contact information on the appointment request form and request a callback to solidify their requested appointment.

The appointment request system effectively creates a new lead for your front desk staff to follow up with. Your team can review the request form, call the prospect up, coordinate with them, and schedule an appointment.

Remember, a stable datum of online marketing is that the more convenient we can make the on-boarding process of new patients, the better. The internet is convenience, by its very nature. Dental practices that have super complicated (or non-existent) online systems tend to lose business prospects simply because it is not convenient for consumers to interact with them. Appointment requests are just one way that Golden Dental Marketing makes dental practices, optometry practices, and veterinary clinics more convenient and accessible for prospects.

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