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The information being provided on are suggestions and ideas to assist your practice within the bounds of COVID-19 pandemic. The data should not be interpreted or guaranteed that it applies to your specific case. Any implementations, of ideas or suggestions, should be in alignment with federal, state and local finance and employment laws. Nothing on constitutes or replaces legal finance or business advice. All ideas or suggestions determined for implementation should be fully consulted through appropriate legal channels. 


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COVID-19 Resources Being Provided

All resources provided are focused on creating a plan to get back to business in and post the COVID-19 crisis era.
  • CDC, ADA and OSHA Resources

    A compilation of all critical authoritative resources for getting back to business in the COVID-19 era.

  • Case Studies

    We are in close contact with all of our DDS clients, across the continental US, tabulating all successful actions for your reference.

  • Crisis Training

    Office access might be limited, but staff can continue to get trained on tips on ideas through digital media.


There is a lot of uncertainty in most industries right now, including dentistry. Across the nation, governments have issued statewide lockdowns, forcing dental practices to close their doors. The goal behind such lockdowns has been to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19, but one of the end results has been the total disruption of our economy as we know it.

How can dentists survive the coronavirus pandemic and the economic pandemic that the virus has created? How can dentists retain their patients, reduce their costs, promote for new patients, and come out stronger after COVID-19? How can dental practices 2X or even 3X their services during these difficult times? We’re offering a complimentary consultation and some free digital advertising services to get you started on mastering this crisis and actually coming out of the pandemic stronger than you were before!


Right off the bat, every dentist out there should be promoting and offering emergency services to their patients. The delivery of emergency services has the potential to keep practice doors open and employees on the clock for the foreseeable future.

But if you’re not getting many emergency visits, it’s not that there isn’t a need for emergency dental care (there definitely is such a need!), it’s that people don’t know you’re the best dentist in town for offering emergency services. This is where the importance of creative, crafty, and wicked-smart online advertising and marketing comes into play!


Golden Dental Marketing offers a solution to the inevitable, economic hammer-fall of the COVID-19 crisis. With our tailored marketing service applied to your practice, you save up to 87% on your marketing costs. You can take measures to get through the pandemic and come out stronger, more productive, more stable, and with more patients than you had before. But you have to take action now.

It’s important to see the opportunity and the reduced costs available in online advertising and marketing during an economic crisis. Contact us today to learn how we can help you flourish and prosper through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In an effort to sign you on as a client and save you up to 87% on your public relations, marketing and communications, we want to earn your trust first. We are offering the below items at no cost to you.
  • Evaluation

    After we gather all appropriate data, we can properly evaluate your current situation.

  • Analysis

    We are in close contact with all of our DDS clients, across the continental US, tabulating all successful actions for your reference.

  • Solution

    We are providing a comprehensive list of audio and video resources for you and your staff to evaluate.

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