HIPAA Patient Forms

One of the fundamentals of capturing a potential patient’s interest is speed. The faster you can go from having your practice seen online by a potential client to having the prospect sign up for an appointment, the more likely they actually will sign up for the appointment. Streamlining the process in a way that’s easy to understand, convenient, transparent, and user-friendly immediately builds trust with prospective patients, making them want to do business with you.

Jason Wydro, founder and creator of Golden Dental Marketing, stresses the importance of speed in dental marketing. Dental marketing has many interconnected parts that all work together to produce good results. The key is that the process has to work rapidly on the front-end (what the prospective patient sees), even if there are dozens of different things happening at once on the back-end (what the marketing team sees).

Utilizing HIPAA Patient Forms in your custom marketing approach is just one way that Golden Dental Marketing creates a rapid transition from a prospective client’s first impression of your website to the client signing up for their first service. From Jason himself:

  • “Streamlining the patient flow into the practice is very important to allow for speed. HIPAA-compliant forms is one way to increase speed. This allows a customer to fill out their dental information, their history, etc., etc., all online, submit it to the practice in a very secure, HIPAA-compliant way.”

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