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Business owners today are faced with many options when it comes to choosing a web design and online marketing company to help bring their service or product to market. Those with experience, know or have learned there is no one-click push-button solution.

It’s very easy for a business owner to fall into the idea of the latest and greatest fads and trends when it comes to web design and online marketing.

Because of continuous market hype, honest web designers and online marketers are caught up in the cross fire of truth and fiction; and for this reason, w3developing has concluded at a few simple questions – that every business owner can apply:

– Will this web design and online marketing investment eventually cover all of my initial costs and investment?
– Do I have an exact method of determining my investment profitability over time?
– How will I determine 100% certain that my web design and online marketing investments are profitable?

If any of these questions cannot be answered with a definitive yes!, then something is awfully wrong with your current web design and online marketing.

It is very important to understand that a successful online campaign involving web design and online marketing strategies, can sometimes take years to fully integrate and prove productive. This could be analogized with the physical world when one considers investing in a building for an office or store – very often there is a large investment up front – but contractors won’t guarantee your return on investment (ROI).

The main difference in the analogy above is that business owners have the expectation that they should make their money back with web design and online marketing investments.

Web design and online marketing are similar in the way that there is great energy expended to create a solid and powerful online presence, including web design, online marketing campaigns, branding and all the storylines that come with marketing a modern business. It’s an involved process, and quality work can take time.

This is what sets apart the honest web designers and online marketers from the all hype, no product types.

We discovered that nearly every business owner we speak with has a false expectation of what it takes to generate qualified business online. Very often cost is the only gauge business owners use to determine what their online potential is, and as a result never realize their true potential.

Let’s answer another very simple question: is web design and online marketing right for every business?

The honest answer is YES, if that business wants any chance to truly compete online. This applies to the simple one-man mom and pop coffee cart on a country road to a full blown product manufacturing company. But (and a big but) the degree and depth of the web design and online marketing are going to vary based on the size and goals of a business. It is all relative to business size and long term goals.

If any of these statements ring true to you, you are in need of help:

– I really have no idea what my current web design and online marketing is producing.
– I have no way to measure my web design and online marketing investment, versus actual business profit.
– It seems like I should be producing more income from what I am investing in web design and online marketing.

The best advice we can offer is to build a strong sturdy online foundation, and from that, design and implement perfect strategic marketing campaigns to effectively promote your services and products. And, do it right the first time!

If you would like any assistance answering and clarifying the above questions in relation to your business, we offer a totally free, 1 hour, no-catch online evaluation and consultation.

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