No Penalty Google Content

In a lot of ways, the internet seems like a free agent, a place where people can create and operate their websites however they want and with no negative repercussions. However, Google has an incredibly intricate and multi-faceted mathematical system it uses to rank websites. Google uses dozens of metrics to rank websites for authenticity, transparency, ethical business conduct, quality of content, etc.

What this tells us is that, while there are lots of correct ways to create a powerful online presence, there are also lots of wrong ways to do so. If a website isn’t structured correctly, it can flag Google’s penalty metrics. That pushes the site down in search results, making the site more difficult for potential patients to find. Enough penalties can even lead to a website being taken down.

For example, a website can be penalized if the written content on the website is not put together correctly. That’s why it’s so important to have a copywriter write the copy for your website, as this is a specialized form of writing that is designed to garner the highest rankings possible on Google.

Copywriting is truly an exact science, and that’s because content that’s written for websites has to accomplish multiple objectives. At Golden Dental Marketing, our copywriters focus on three, primary goals:

  • To create fantastic content on your site that engages and informs potential patients and current patients alike.
  • To write copy that includes specialized SEO strategies to earn high Google rankings and a prominent position in search results.
  • To avoid Google penalties by creating fantastic content that doesn’t violate Google’s quality metrics.

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