Security Access Log Monitoring

Cyber crime is, unfortunately, becoming more prominent as the internet expands and as technology continues to develop. Citing research done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

  • “Among 7,818 businesses, 67% detected at least one cybercrime. 24% detected other computer security incidents. Approximately 68% of the victims of cyber theft sustained monetary loss of $10,000 or more. By comparison, 34% of the businesses detecting cyber attacks and 31% of businesses detecting other computer security incidents lost more than $10,000.”

What good is there in investing in a powerful online presence if it isn’t protected by security monitoring? Security monitoring is an important, in fact, a necessary factor in online marketing today. At Golden Dental Marketing, it is our personal insistence to ensure that your website and online presence are secure, safe, and protected.

Furthermore, minor security flaws or bugs which may not be harmful financially or which may not even have malicious intent behind them can still be damaging to your website’s Google ranking. Google can penalize a website for the site having a security flaw, bug, virus, glitch, or other problem.

You wouldn’t buy a company car for your business and then not cover the vehicle with insurance, correct? The car will increase business efficiency and improve business productivity in general, but it’s a wasted investment if the vehicle is totaled without being covered by insurance.

The logic is the same with security access log monitoring. Online marketing is the car, but security services are the insurance you use to protect the car against harm. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how Golden Dental Marketing can help protect your marketing investment.