How to succeed with your Google Business Profile Page

Three steps to Google Business Profile success

At w3developing, we’ve found that 90% of practice owners and their management don’t know the true importance of their Google Business Profile and may not know how important having control of it is.

Well, let’s clear that up first! What the heck is a Google Business Profile? It’s the thing that acts as a cornerstone in Google and other relevant areas online. It enables you to quickly show the world who you are and how to communicate to you for business and even reach your location. It’s that important!

Understanding the technical aspects of your Google Business Profile is a rather advanced subject. Much like any specialized technology topic, it is not ideal for a busy practitioner, who has a thousand other jobs to do in the day, to get caught up in the complexity.

To solve this problem, we’ve created a proven 3 step system to ensure your Google Business Profile is handled once and for all:

  1. Transferring full ownership and control of a Google Business Profile to its rightful owner – you!
  2. Ensuring it is set up and configured properly so that it has maximum impact for your prospective clientele.
  3. Show you a system tailored specifically to your practice, so you can properly manage and maintain it to maximize its effectiveness.

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We can fix your Google Business Profile page

We can fix your Google Business Profile page