Why Hire Us For Your Dental Marketing

Founded in 1999, W3developing has harnessed two decades of experience in dental marketing. Our digital marketing strategies were custom-created and time-tested to be perfect for dental practices, but we’ve found that these same strategies provide phenomenal results for optometrists and veterinarians too.

Some of the skills that W3developing utilizes to make a fully-comprehensive online marketing plan for its clients are:

  • Website creation, optimization, and management.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Content marketing, copywriting, and blogging.
  • Social media management and optimization.
  • Video marketing (presentations, interviews, video tours, product/service offerings, etc.).
  • Email marketing and email systems setup.
  • Google advertising (Google Analytics, AdWords, ReMarketing, Google My Business, etc.).
  • Reputation management and brand development.
  • HIPAA compliant patient forms
  • Lead generation.
  • Identity management.

To learn more about how W3developing can help you clearly define your online presence and reach more customers, schedule a complimentary, 15-minute marketing consultation today.

The Proprietary Tactics of VPF Marketing™

VPF Marketing™ is a unique, fail-proof promotion and advertising system created by Jason Wydro. VPF stands for Visibility, Presentation, and Function. When helping clients expand and optimize their online presence, W3developing focuses on the following:

  • Visibility. How easy is it for potential customers to see your products and services? Companies like McDonald’s, Amazon, Walmart, Disney, and Coca-Cola are considered highly visible. How can we maximize visibility for your brand and your services?
  • Presentation. Once your company, brand, services, and overall business are visible, how then is it presented in a way that makes potential customers want to do business with you?
  • Function. Function refers to how potential customers interact with promotion and online advertising. Clicking buttons and links, reading blogs, watching promotional videos, the goal of optimizing function is to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, pay for a service, and otherwise go from being a potential customer to a paid customer.

W3developing utilizes the processes of VPF Marketing™ for each client, instilling the principles of this marketing strategy in such a way that clients can learn them and repeat them endlessly into the future.

A Completely Digital Agency

When Jason Wydro created W3developing he thought, “Why create a brick and mortar agency for a company that provides services wholly online?” And so Jason set up one of the first-ever cloud-based marketing agencies.

Jason manages a team of 11 experts, yet the company does not require an office building. In this way, W3developing can save on business overhead. Those savings are passed onto clients, enabling W3developing to offer phenomenal services at an affordable rate.

Furthermore, W3developing’s results are assured, provable, chartable, and duplicatable. Results are guaranteed. Every time.

It’s a New World for Dentists

The online world is growing at an alarming rate. Traditional promotion tactics like referrals, billboards, newspaper ads, word-of-mouth, and phone book listings are becoming less cost-effective. The dentists of today must find new and creative ways to garner business.

Furthermore, the millennial generation has come of age. They want better dental health, and our research indicates millennials respond to marketing tactics differently than preceding generations. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have an online dental marketing plan that is comprehensive and reliable (and that brings about a satisfactory return on investment).

Dental Marketing FAQs

Client Reviews

Jason is the man! If you're looking for a good web developer, look no further.
Jason is super detailed and responsive, and clearly enjoys what he does. He answered all of my many questions, worked within my budget, and even made a short video tutorial so I could learn how to navigate and update my new website. He's taken my business site up a notch, and offers good feedback and knowledge specific to the medical industry. So helpful!
creative, very responsive to all issues that came up at all times, worked around some challenging fixes, terrific work all around - helped build a highly popular and beautiful medical website dense with videos - great stuff
Great to work with - friendly, very responsive, and just overall great service!!
I have been in business for 40 years and had my abundunt share of incompetence when it came to creating and maintaining my website. Jason and Michel are a pleasure to work with. There is literally nothing these guys cannot do. Response time for an answer to a question is immediate. Their work is professional and timely. Could not ask for anything more.
Jason worked on our local Chamber of Commerce website. He did a great job and had some really nice ideas on how to best represent the Chamber and make the...
Professional calm that has a very calming effect.
Jason is awesome to work with!He's my go-to guy for anything Wordpress. I recommend him for any of his services as he is professional and gets things done no matter what obstacles are there.
Great presentation and use information!
Jason showed industry knowledge and an understanding of what a practice owner thinks and hopes for in a web developer and advertising consultant. He was not at all pushy of his services or unrealistic in establishing expectations. I do believe he should be on a short list of candidates your business should consider as you raise awareness and engagement with business leads online.
Jason was fast and professional, fixing the problems we were having quickly. We cannot say enough good things about his professionalism and service.
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W3developing is a professional and very knowledgeable company with years of experience. Jason is a pleasure to work with.
knowledgeable, talented, hyper-responsive to all requests and demands - extremely professional in all interactions, helped me build a super popular and beautiful medical website
Jason created a website for our club that was professional and easy to navigate. He had friendly, competent and fast service, would use again in a heartbeat!
Jason did a fabulous job on our website. I'm the Secretary for the city of Sheridan's Chamber of Commerce. The website was in serious need of a website...
It was a pleasure working with Jason and Michel. Skilled, knowledgeable, good communication!
I felt comfortable with Jasons knowledge of product & I liked the casual way he spoke. His friendly attitude made it enjoyable to communicate with a group. No one likes answering "dumb" questions but, Jason didn't even skip a beat when I asked them. . . LOL Would recommend Jason to everyone
Gave a great talk on how Google categorizes web pages and sites to determine whether or not you will be on the front page and how blogs will help with doing that.
What an honest, excellent company. I've worked with Jason and his team since January 2018. They get fantastic results, and they always have time for a conversation about marketing and advertising. You can tell they've been in the industry for a long time. Jason and his tech personnel understand the evolutions of online marketing, and that gives them an edge on mapping what is honestly a pretty complex field. I'm happy to have met them, and I'll continue to work with W3Developing into the future!
Jason did a fantastic job with my site overhaul. It has truly put my practice on the virtual map. I am able to help more people in more ways more efficiently. The design is clean and fresh with a modern but sensible and personal feel. It captures the essence of who I am as a practitioner and what I have to offer the greater community. I highly recommend him without reservation.
Great guy! Always works hard for the businesses he helps and will go out of his way to ensure the job is done right.
Great to work with!! Great communication and coordination with all projects we have given him. It is so important in getting it completed quickly and correctly, would use again!
Of all the many developers that I have seen and worked with, many are good in general, but are not able to cater to medical professionals specifically. Jason is far and away the best web development and social media marketing expert for private practices.If you are a veterinarian, dentist or optometrist looking to build, or improve your online presence and want someone that understands your profession and the fact that you need to be with patients, not spending all your own time working on your online presence, then w3developing is your ultimate solution.
This is an excellent firm and easy to work with. Highly recommended.
It's been a wonderful experience working with Jason. Our website was built quickly and professionally. It has been such a relief to work with a company that makes communication easy and always responds promptly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Jason is one of those developers who actually "gets it" in terms of understanding customer needs. He's a pleasure to work with.